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    Chalgi4ka: Gg Smash and Philly. Just saw your message smile
    dougcbj: Thanks, and I agree it was uncalled for, which I will handle internally.
    fishhure: then I accept your apology. Hawk guys got a huge mouth for never playing before... Never ends up well.
    dougcbj: i know and i said sorry.
    fishhure: You could of not jump to a false conclusion or just asked me instead of trying to put me on blast in the chat..
    dougcbj: you could have said you accept my apology smile
    fishhure: i don't really clash with the guy but it's whatever
    Marco_Sparks72: GGs Anaheim boys tough night
    dougcbj: i jumped to a wrong conclusion sad
    dougcbj: because it was odd for him to join our party when he clashes with owl.
    dougcbj: he may be a good dude, but he does have a rep with a guy on my team, so I assumed because hawk was acting stupid that fish did something
    goalieman92: yea he just gets a bad rep from ppl hes actually a pretty good dude
    dougcbj: i'm not trying to get you banned either, I just know you look at this chat. but like i said I'm sorry, I was in the wrong here.
    goalieman92: yea fish should only be banned for being a used tampon thats all lol
    dougcbj: i didn't realize my guy decided to be a d**k for no reason he acted like you came in and started something.
    dougcbj: sorry fishure I apologize
    goalieman92: still love ya fish
    smashNgrab21: gg Sabres
    Daddy43342: gg tonight guys
    SA_Pliskin: talking s**t in the chat will get you in s**t too
    SA_Pliskin: yeah that sucks
    i-mr-t-i: I hear ya man.. Imagine playing net against pitt
    fishhure: Doug your a real pos I just asked burst if he could wake up his brother because he was scheduled and didn't show up and some Hawks guy I've never seen before is just chripin. Away .. Keep trying to get me banned buddy
    Reaper__2313: Next time Mr t I won't be in nets sad lol fml
    Reaper__2313: Stay classy
    i-mr-t-i: gg smash
    High_Voltage34: Damnit Etthan ruined my shutout
    smashNgrab21: gg TML
    smashNgrab21: gg det
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